Lifestyle Content; Why Brands Needs It

Telling the brand story is easy (if the right content is available).
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Adding value to the dream buyer/audience creates a beautiful relationship. The brand offers something of value that the consumer loves.

Lifestyle imagery and content is the personality of the brand. Clear cut images are boring (yes, there is a place for them), but they don't yell 'relationship', or 'I can see myself doing this with this product/service'.

When creating lifestyle content, have a think about what the audience likes to do, where they hang out, what they care about and show imagery that speaks to those interests.

What other things does the target audience like that don't resonate with your brand? i.e. if you are a health food brand, showing imagery related to anything health would resonate.

It's a good idea to have a mix of imagery with and without product. That way content for the brand won't be too 'product heavy' or feel too 'sell, sell, sell'.

Above all, keep it fresh, but targeted to the audience. What adds value to your audience and helps them on the journey towards trusting your brand and becoming a loyal fan?

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