OPINION PIECE: Phone Number on Emails - ALWAYS.

Here's the scenario.

Finally, we've connected.

The customer is communicating with us over email, we've booked an appointment to meet them, we are engaging in business, they're buying our product... example, example...

And then something happens, the customer needs to contact us urgently.

(it may not be urgent - ok. But, they want to talk on the phone)

But, they can't find our phone number.

There is a local company land line number on the website,

But, they want to call us direct.

We may even be meeting at a cafe and they are running late, or are lost.


They search their inbox for the most recent email from us....

But, we don't have a basic email signature with our phone number on it.

No email signature.

No cell phone number.

Oh, no... the customer can't call us (urgently or not urgently).

Frustration sets in.

An email gets sent in a hope they are monitoring their email "please call me".

It. Becomes. Too. Hard.


Let's flip this scenario on it's head.

Scenario #1. Email sent from provider to customer. Full email signature included. Name, Address, Phone Number including Cell, Social Media links etc. This is perfect and what would be considered 'business basics'.

Scenario #2. Reply email sent to customer, they have the initial email with full email signature at the bottom, but at minimum, this reply email signature has cellphone number recorded/available.

Scenario #3. Email sent from iPhone/iPad/technology. This is often where it falls down - no email signature, simply "sent from my iphone".

How annoying from a customer perspective - they can't get hold of you instantly if required.


So, I encourage you to have a look at your email signature settings for both business and personal. Is your cell phone number provided for those situations when a phone call is simply a necessity?

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