Personalised Content: Why We Need Humans

People buy from people,

We all need human interaction,

We love to connect and build communities,

It's important to build trust (as it's results in sales),

Yes, it's important to have an incredible product or service,

But Personalised Content can help fast track connection and customer interaction.

Here are some ideas for personalised content;

  • Founder/CEO/Owner photography. Tell the story of the owner, how they came up with the idea, the problems they faced which were solved by creating the product or service. It's beautiful when a Founder shares their story - it builds so much trust and authenticity.
  • Team photography. Photos of the team, individually or together. These have a range of uses; website, emails, PR, social...
  • Event photography. Showcasing exciting things that are happening with the brand.
  • Customer photography. Testimonials and reviews build 'social proof'. They highlight the results and they build trust.
  • Human element photography. Add hands, body parts, legs, to lifestyle content to show the brand is 'real'. That there are 'real' human behind the brand.

Above all, including humans in content photography helps build trust, which results in sales...

We all need human connection and it really resonates with us all.

Need some ideas for how to build personalised content into your marketing content? Reach out.

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