Skin Update 2/3

For years I’ve struggled with flakey skin, eczema and flare ups. .

It feels like I’m finally making some real progress and am nearly free from the discomfort! .

I’ve dedicated nearly three years of devotion to Dermaviduals + Palms Skin Studio plus the following daily habits;

💫 Washing my face morning, night and after workouts. Refreshing with bespoke Dermaviduals and foundation along with SPF daily.

💫 95% keto / keto carnivore. Basically lots of protein, good quality fats and little/no carbohydrates/sugar/fruit. 95% because I’m human 😉

💫 Removed citrus, cacao, coconut, almond and corn as found them to be inflammatory/allergic.

💫 Fresh food. No processed foods, sugar laden sauces, grains or drinks other than water and herbal tea. Basically just meat/seafood + veges.

💫 Until recently I’ve been dairy free (organic if eating). Always gluten free.

💫 Removed fluoride toothpaste for perioral dermatitis. *Consult your dentist as some people need flouride and I checked with mine 😘😉 #youknowwhoyouare

💫 Prioritising sleep 💫 For the past seven months I’ve been working with Shelley Gawith Functional Nutrition on nutrition and supplements to assist with eliminating nasties from my gut and gut healing. #gamechanger

💫 Saunas (aimed for x2 p/week) and only recently once itchiness (lack of) allowed.

💫 Movement and exercise .

It’s called a #healingjourney as it comes with ups and downs, and often the downs came at time of stress. If I can help just one person have any kind of improvement in, or release from their skin issues sharing my journey would be 💯 worth it 😘

Please message me if you’ve been on a similar journey to me, I’d love to hear what works for you or what you have tried x



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