I was asked to make a refined sugar free version of chocolate crackle / rice bubble slice. This is a healthy take on a party favourite.
For this recipe I used puffed rice, as opposed to rice bubbles as that has refined sugar in it - which I wanted to avoid. Puffed rice is not as crispy as rice bubbles, so it does give a different texture. Still really yummy though.

  • 100grams ghee, butter or coconut oil
  • 1/2C honey
  • 1/4C cacao
  • 3C puffed rice
  • Melt ghee, butter or coconut oil in a pan with honey. If you'd like a chewy slice, boil the mix for a short period of time. Be aware that it can burn easily.
  • Add puffed rice to melted liquid
  • Pour and press down into a lined baking tray
  • Place in fridge until set, cut into pieces
  • Keep in fridge until ready to serve.

If you do make this creation, please tag me! @christine_westbury as I'd love to see them.

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